Major X Ploe-Shun 5.0 (3)

Defuse an EMP and Save London

3 - 7 60 min 18 + 5 + Difficulty: Difficulty

ASSIGNMENT: Your team (3-7 agents) has to survive an avalanche of puzzles, find clues and use spy gadgets to the Agency and Major X Ploe-Shun. ​ You’ll need to think outside the box and work as the ultimate team in order to defuse an EMP device! The Major has been abducted by an underground criminal organisation. He may be leaving us clues from the inside or he may have gone rogue and is feeding them information on us. All we know is if the EMP device goes off it will wipe out all our records and that would be a disaster! We need your help to defuse this EMP and save the agency.

Clues and useful items are hidden everywhere; find keys, passwords and codes, and enter them into the device to shut it down. Do you have what it takes?

This is an outdoor mission in a secret location (Euston).

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Jake Wilis
Jake Wilis Rating 5
2018-02-01 18:18:06

It really was a great team experience! Was challenging and fun. We had to work together and communicate to get out. Already looking to come back again to try another room!

Maddie B
Maddie B Rating 5
2017-11-14 13:14:24

Tasks were really engaging and require a good team work. We did this for a friends birthday and we all had an amazing time and would all definitely recommend it!

Lucas Speencer
Lucas Speencer Rating 5
2017-11-10 12:48:03

It was mine and my friends first time experience of an escape room and we just loved it. We had to find all the clues,keys and codes to defuse an EMP device to save the agency in only 120 minutes. This was both fun and breathtaking experience at a time.

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