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Abandoned Factory 4.4 (16)

Escape from a trapped room

2 - 6 60 min 12 + Difficulty: Difficulty

A terrorist known as Dr. Malcolm threatens to blow up various locations in the city unless you will play his twisted riddles and challenges. The intelligence has sources from the informants to locate the hideout place of Dr. Malcolm after the previous bombing attack. Rumor has it that Dr. Malcolm is plotting another bombing and is hiding in an abandoned factory. You have finally located the factory but you are trapped inside while Dr. Malcolm has fled the premises. You have 60 minutes to escape the room before the bomb detonates. The clock is ticking and you have to find the key that leads you to freedom.

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Based on 16 reviews

Lauri Rating 5
2017-06-03 13:10:13

Very interesting

Veronika V
Veronika V Rating 4.5
2017-05-23 19:28:22

квест очень сложный и 60 минут для такого уровня мало, надо 90 минут.

Jessika Rating 4.5
2017-04-12 01:15:01

Raske tuba, aga väga põnev

Mikk Rating 5
2017-03-22 01:38:52

Thanks! The most challenging room so far. Unfortunately we didnt get out but we heard about 25 out of 300 teams can do it. Sharpen your brains and go figure that out :)

Riitta Rating 4.5
2017-03-06 02:29:59

I went to Mummy room with kids. We booked Abandoned factory, but they recommended Mummy room and it was a good choice. Especially with kids it was a good idea.

Kristi Rating 3.25
2017-02-28 03:21:02

Unfortunately diy not manage to escape. Difficulty level was definately higher than 4stars :)

Allar Rating 4.25
2017-02-20 03:44:43

Did not get out. Really challenging. Choose a captain before you enter.

Bogdan S
Bogdan S Rating 4.75
2017-02-19 18:47:35

Room was quite difficult for our team of 3, solved ~40% of puzzles in 1hour. Most tasks aren't straintforward, but logical. Didn't like the constant flashing light as you enter the room.

Kati Rating 4.5
2017-02-06 15:38:40

Very challenging, a slight disappointment that we did not make it out of the room but talking to the staff later and finding out that the escape rate is 5% made me feel better :)

Ivar Merilo Rating 4.75
2017-02-06 04:10:46

One of the most difficult escape rooms in Tallinn. Definitely challenging. Time is ticking fast, do not waste it!

Karl-Joonatan Mets Rating 5
2017-01-28 22:52:21

Definitely difficult but thats why I picked it, for the challenge.

pavel vassiljev Rating 4.75
2017-01-18 17:03:52

The most challenging Escape Room that I visited. We were 4 people with 2 being for the first time in an Escape Room, so it was not enough brain power I guess. But 5-6 people with some experience can crack it. Good luck!

Mihkel Sepp
Mihkel Sepp Rating 5
2017-01-18 05:33:51

Challenging, tougher than me, loved it! Be calm, keep your eyes open and you might make it :)

Roger Kerse Rating 3.25
2017-01-13 14:04:07

Way too hard it seems to me

Lassi Kervinen Rating 3.5
2017-01-09 22:57:27

Sure it was hard enough, but maybe even too hard. There were some tiny things that were barely visible so that you needed a hint to find them. Using more props would've made the escape more immersive. Not much technology used.

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