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The Asylum 4.7 (30)

Find out what is happening in the asylum

2 - 4 60 min 14 + 8 + Difficulty: Difficulty

You are a group of journalists, who detect strange and cruel events, which take place in the asylum. Under the pretence of the patients you have to know what is really happening behind these walls. Try to find out what is happening in the asylum and get out of here as fast as you can before you become a real patient. The border line between reality and fantasy is so thin.

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Based on 30 reviews

Дарья Балицкая Rating 5
2018-04-12 18:35:00

Спасиибо :) было офигенно ❤️????????????

Nelli Muhhamadijeva Rating 5
2018-04-02 20:04:50

Было очень интересно! Спасибо за игру

Illimar Süvari Rating 5
2018-03-31 20:37:05

Piisavalt põnev ja jõukohane ka noorematel kaasa lüüa.

Tytti Shemeikka
Tytti Shemeikka Rating 5
2018-03-20 07:32:00

One of the best escape rooms I've been in! Definitely worth trying.

Gili Rating 5
2018-03-18 20:46:06

Great game! Great experience!

Laura Rating 5
2018-03-18 19:04:08

Väga põnev oli.Kindlasti tagasi :)

Vitaliy M Rating 5
2018-03-10 15:28:07

Asylum is very cool escape room. The owner told that it's first escape room from Moscow rebuild in Tallinn. So we need to go to Moscow to play cool escape rooms-)))

Laura Tamm Rating 5
2018-03-05 19:15:25

Päris hull ,südamerohud kaasa????

Maria  Mittsenko
Maria Mittsenko Rating 5
2018-02-28 16:48:27

Отличный квест! Рекомендую!

Sergio Llorente
Sergio Llorente Rating 3.75
2018-02-15 16:05:40

Maybe some of the parts of the process were too illogicaly difficult, or perhaps not very well attached to the story. There's no need to put clues that are not very much connected, we felt like we were asking for help too much

Margarita Ivanova
Margarita Ivanova Rating 5
2018-02-05 19:35:11

Oli huvitav !

Ville Sielunahjo
Ville Sielunahjo Rating 4.25
2018-01-27 15:30:48

Nice, something truly outside the box :)

Julia Nikol
Julia Nikol Rating 5
2018-01-24 15:50:35

Отличный квест, с полным погружением и атмосферой нереальности)) Эмоции от прохождения зашкаливали????

Ирина Rating 4.5
2018-01-07 10:13:27

На этот квест ходила моя дочь вместе с друзьями и они сказали что им очень понравилось. Сказали что был очень интересный сюжет, прикольные механизмы и интересные голосовые подсказки. Моя дочь сказала что в следующий раз когда приедет её подруга они опять пойдут проходить у вас квесты. 10/10

Gert Rating 5
2017-12-28 08:53:30

What a great place. Cool technology. Warm welcome.

All the quests/rooms are different so there is something for everyone. See you soon Claustrophobia.

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